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Capital B Creative is an event agency founded by event producer Bridget Hart who is passionate about forging authentic and sustainable connections through communication, events, and people.

Capital B Creative specialises in the creation of experiences and environments for humans through partnerships, relationships, connection and communication.

We forge solid relationships with our valued clients to deliver creative, tailored events and experiences to delight and inspire audiences around the world.


Capital B
Founder & Creative Director
Bridget Hart

Bridget has been creating events for a really long time.


That means, she’s not as good as her last event, she’s as good as all of them. Have a CEO change date, location, double the attendance in a remote tropical location with all the national entertainment booked, with 18 days to go while you’re in Borneo on another event? Yup, with her creative partner, solved.


A ten day build, 65 travelling entertainers, 1100 attendees at at bare bones outdoor location  (oh did we mention a wet season record with a foot of water each night?)… and a secret giveaway of 50 brand new Mercedes Benz to 50 stunned employees? Tick. Next please?

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