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Into a secret location deep in a World Heritage National Park at the pristine headwaters of the Bellingen River on the traditional lands of the Gumbaynggirr Nation - 21 Women Walk.


Into a place and state of protected development embodying the spirit of the communal, ecological, spiritual and aesthetic natures of the feminine. 21 Women Walk is a festival of feminine-thought experienced through the lens of ecological perspective and sensorial creativity-based practice.


21 female thoughtleaders and futurecreators are invited to three days of immersive, nature based, active contemplation into some of the most challenging issues facing our futures.


21 Women Walk will be the inaugural event at Jiiginy Miindala, a privately held unique retreat location never before seen by the public and will feature a curated Son et Lumiere installation from award winning lighting designer, Jenny Hector and composer & spacemaker, Madeleine Flynn.


21 Women Walk will set a new paradigm in the art of environmentally sustainable gatherings focusing on artistic and social impact and will exist deeply within the tradition of women exerting effort in order to enact positive change.


21 Women Walk is an evolutionary event. Designed by women. For the future.  

Viewing Platform


This event is fundamentally about women, ecology, creativity, governance systems and thought structures. It is about stimulating thought processes through the spectrum of creativity, ecology, and sensory immersion - and creating a future.

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Water Knowledge Systems

21 Women Walk is a gathering of redesigning, reorganising and redefining feminine thought structures, establishing these frameworks from the ground up encompassing a more rhizomatic and ambient approach towards communication, awareness and realisation. Its closest metaphor would be that of an eco-psycho-social creativity based experimental gathering. 


Into Creation

A self-manifested, self-governed thought structure evolves and creates 21 Women Walk - the main event where each of the seven thoughtleaders bring themselves and two invitees to mentor through and assimilate into the 21 Women Walk event. The 21 Women Walk events runs as per 7/21 Initiation and Development Stage design of which some of these designs will be realised as a result of unforeseen creative outcomes. 

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