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In a protected state of development become intelligent thinking

21 Women Walk will exist deeply within the tradition of women exerting effort in order to enact positive change. It is through this connection and lineage that we were invited to hold this event at Jiiginy Miindala. Aligned in direction with the spiritual matriarch of Jiiginy Miindala, Annie Ralph, a Gumbaynggirr woman, who in 1915 objected to her children being excluded from the education system whilst her son was not excluded from fighting for king and country in Gallipoli. Seemingly unimaginable at the time - over 110 years ago – Annie Ralph, a mother of eight, travelled to Sydney with her eldest boy to provide what can only be described as embarrassment to the Department of Education by explaining to them in simple terms, “that if the state would not allow her children to be educated in public schools, then she did not think her son should fight for her country”.  Annie Ralph’s children were returned to the eduction system. It is the essence of this expression of determination and effort to enact great change, that 21 Women Walk launches as the inaugural event at Jiiginy Miindala. Join us for the journey - Into Wilderness. Into Creation.

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Jiiginy Miindala is a modern Australian Aboriginal manifestation, existing uniquely as a private inholding within the biodiversity of the rich pristine watercourse of the New England National Park.  Jiiginy Miindala’s principal offering is that of deep ecology transitioning occasional the ambient development of heightened states of consciousness illumination, cultivation the epiphany for capacity of coherence from first principles thinking.

Who we are

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